Luca Powell

  • Student
  • Cape Town

I am a student at Stellenbosch University with an avidity for observing the universe. I am particularly fascinated by the behaviour of light, and human emotion.


NSC at Bishops Diocesan College

2013 – 2017 Cape Town, South Africa

I took the subject of Visual Arts, which included Visual Cultural Studies as well as practical assessment, throughout my high-school career.

I graduated with a result of 96% for Visual Arts, where I achieved 100% for the final practical examination.

Also significant in my high-school career was an extra-mural commitment to the “Accelerated Art Programme” (AAP). This programme involves working outside class on large-scale projects in media that are generally not used in the school syllabus. Through passion and dedication for the programme, I became the leader of AAP in my senior year. I am forever grateful to have been a member, with many heartfelt thanks to Katherine Spindler and Peter Hyslop for their dedication and wonderful creative inspiration throughout my time at Bishops.


Sophie Gray Art Prize 2nd, Bishops Diocesan College

The Sophie Gray Art Prize is awarded by the OD Union for outstanding artwork created by a grade 12 pupil.

The Leonardo da Vinci Medal, Bishops Diocesan College

Awarded to the pupil who demonstrates the greatest dedication to their sketchbooks.

Senior Colour Composition Prize, Bishops Diocesan College

Awarded to the pupil who creates the most outstanding artwork in either chalk pastels or oils.

Sam Butler Drawing Prize, Bishops Diocesan College.

Awarded to the drawing that shows the greatest degree of observation and attention to detail.


The 2nd Last Thursday Group

Bishops Diocesan College Cape Town, South Africa

I arranged a pupil-driven exhibition for the 11th and 12th of May 2017, which showcased extra-mural works of senior pupils of Bishops Diocesan College.