Self-Discovery and Portraiture

Self-Portrait with Strong Side-Lighting. Charcoal. 2015.

Study After Delacroix. Oil Pastel. 2016.

Study After Derain. Oil Pastel. 2016.

Portrait of Alexander Wearing Sunglasses. Graphite and Compressed Charcoal. 2016.

Portrait of Alexander. Graphite. 2016.

Portrait of Alexander. Tissue paper bounded with Acrylic Glaze.

Portrait of Alexander. Acrylic on Perspex. 2016.

Self-Portrait with Meat Dome. Graphite Pencil. 2017.

Study After Pierre Bonnard. Oil Pastel. 2017.

Study After Freud. Oil Pastel. 2017.

Self-Portrait in School Uniform. Graphite. 2017.